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We are leading providers of roofing in cape town and qualified to advise on the best method of replacement. The roof is the most valuable but also the most vulnerable area of a building, being exposed to weather and sometimes to environmental hazards such as; blocked gutters, decaying timbers and rot. If roof sheeting is allowed to rust; if tiles or slates are broken, if flashing has failed and if water has penetrated the roof cavity, then ultimately it may be more cost effective to replace rather than repair the roof. As roofing specialists and renowned contractors in Cape Town let us advise you on the best roofing solution in Cape Town.


Roof repair specialists Cape Town – our roofing division is highly competent in both repairing and replacement of roofing your domestic, commercial and industrial roof to stop any leak. We are roofing contractor specialists in Cape Town with 25 years experience in commercial and industrial roofing services. Rooftech offers affordable and reliable roofing services in Cape Town. our roofing services include: Roof replacements; IBR AND corrugated sheet flat roof repairs; Tile roof repairs and replacements; Steel roof repairing and replacements; Aluminum roof restoration and replacement; Roof painting; all roof waterproofing; Re-Roofing contractors and roofing restoration services in Cape Town. For the best roofing service in Cape Town.

As a leading industrial and commercial roofing contractor in the Western Cape, our services include roof sheeting for commercial / industrial, new roof installation, roof maintenance. When it comes to roof replacement, we are recognized as reputable roofing contractors in Cape Town.


  • Our company values of quality and integrity keep us client focused
  • We strictly adhere to quality standards
  • Comply with all legislative requirements in our industry
  • Provide roofing services at competitive rates
  • We offer skilled and trained tradesmen as well as subcontractors
  • Can work within tight contract periods
  • Operating for more than 25 years, we build trusted relationships with our clients
  • Are able to undertake a wide spectrum of projects

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